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Exchange & return policy

Unishore Workwear
Attn. Returns Department
Handelsweg 6
1785AE Den Helder
The Netherlands

Do you have an account?

Log in via 'My Account' at the top right and then choose 'My Returns.'
Products may be returned to the above address within 14 days of receipt provided they are in their original condition. Is your return outside this period? Then it will be locked automatically.

Don't have an account?

To register your return, use the form on the return page. Make sure that you fill in the details exactly as when ordering.

Are you unable to register your return?

If it is not possible to register your return, a copy of your order in the box will suffice. Please attach instructions to the order so that we can complete everything as soon as possible. For questions you can mail to magazijn@unishorebedrijfskleding.nl.

Pay attention!

  • Products may be returned to the address below within 14 days of receipt provided they are in their original condition. Products that do not comply with this will be returned to you.
  • Are you returning shoes? Put the shoes back in the original shoe box and then put it back in the shipping box.
  • We trade according to the 50/50 principle for exchanges. Return costs are for your own account. Unishore Workwear pays for shipping.


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Locatie Den Helder

Unishore Bedrijfskleding B.V.
Handelsweg 6
1785AE Den Helder
Ma-vr 07.30 - 17.00

Locatie Zwaag
Milton Friedmanweg 13
1689ZZ Zwaag
Ma-vr 08.00 - 17.00

KvK-nummer: 37071995
btw-nummer: NL803699086B01

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